Tattoo Lettering & Banners: Classic and modern script designs by Britt Johansson

Goodreads Summary:

For both the experienced and aspiring tattoo artist, as well as creative tattoo customers, this book of inspirational examples of script and banner lettering in a wide range of styles is the ideal cheat sheet. Beginning with traditional handwriting, the book moves into more complex script styles. Discover a range of banners for application on the chest or back, in styles that look elegant and ornate, yet are designed to be natural and easy for artists to draw and apply. Tattoo collectors can choose from the many script samples to write a loved one’s name and bring this book to the shop, where artists can make a tattoo that appears custom made. An assortment of classic, well-preserved matchboxes with decorative labels provides special, eclectic lettering ideas. Professionals as well as beginners working from the drawing board are guaranteed to take inspiration from this portable, convenient collection.


I initially had some issues reading the digital copy in Bluefire Reader, but when I recently downloaded it to Adobe Digital Editions, the pages showed correctly. I’’m really glad I was still able to redownload the DRC into the second app or my review would have been much harsher based on what I saw with the first app.

Though I’m not a tattoo artist, I’m quite fond of the art form and currently have six tattoos, one with lettering. What I liked about this book was that it was not just pages of alpha-numeric alphabets in various fonts. There were also plenty of examples of compositions of many of them. I think this would be helpful to people when choosing a font, because looking at just the letters doesn’t give an easy idea of how it will look as part of your tattoos. I also think this will be useful to other types of artists. As tattooing has been influenced by other mediums, many artists will use tattoos to influence their own art. I know this book has already given me some embroidery ideas. If you like the book and/or want to see some more examples of Johansson’s work, check out her Instagram page.

I received a free digital copy of this book from the publisher, Schiffer Publishing, through Edelweiss for an honest review.


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