I’m lucky enough to be a Library Specialist at a Public Library  unemployed. I have chronic migraines, so sometimes (frequently) don’t get to do as much as I’d wish. I’m super-into crafting. I can do just about any craft art almost-successfully, though I am focused more on knitting right now. I also read a lot. It comes came with the job title, I think. Working at a library is my #2 Dream Job. Maybe not always at the one I’m at I got canned from, but the overall job is awesome. Ultimate Dream Job: Getting paid to sleep. I would also like to be independently wealthy, while I’m adding wishes.

I have a usually-super-awesome husband who takes care of me (read: I’m sick a lot) and a 4-year-old Hellhound mutt adorable mixed-breed female dog, Harley. My guinea pigs, Speedy, Coop, Scratch, and Sniff, have went to the great hay field in the sky.


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